Prevention Genetics


Marshfield, WI

52,790  sq. ft.

This state of the art genetic testing and research center was designed with future expansion in mind. With company growth expected to remain near 30% annually, the Owner requested that the project include unfinished shell space that could be quickly completed as growth required. Future additions to the north and west were also structurally planned for during the initial project. 

The facility’s lab spaces demanded a enhanced single pass ventilation system with pressure differentials, large exhaust capabilities and emergency power. The Owner continued their commitment to renewable energy investment by including one of the largest horizontal geothermal systems in Wisconsin to power the building’s mechanical plant. To date, the Owner has realised more than $90,000 in rebates from Focus on Energy.  

Multiple conference rooms and a flexible 140 seat Auditorium provide staff with meeting spaces to share results and conduct video conferencing with peers and clients around the world.