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U.P Dental OfficePersonal Service and a talented professional staff is what has catapulted Design Unlimited to the next level. Here’s a prime example: Just eight short years ago our first dental office for Dr. Robert Klement was featured in Dental Economics, a national publication’s ‘Office of the Month’. Today, 30 dental offices later, Design Unlimited has developed into a specialized regional design firm that has completed projects from Rice Lake to Kenosha, from Marinette to Monroe. Any firm’s long-term success is normally directly proportional to the quality of service provided.

Our firm’s continued success doesn’t stop with strong functional design. We feel an obligation to our owners to assist them through the entire construction process. Too often after the design is completed, the design firm is history, or because of long distance, the design architect can’t continue to represent the owner. This normally leads to both added cost and anxiety for the client. It’s been proven to us over and over again that the client rarely is best served through entering into a negotiated contract with the general contractor, however, national design firms strongly favor this delivery method because they can easily remove themselves from the project after the design is completed. We, however, do not believe in abandoning our clients and strongly promote using the bidding process whenever possible to assure our client the best value and then continue to be directly engaged throughout the construction process with bi-weekly jobsite meetings. These meetings are attended by our architectural project manager and trade representatives, the general contractor and most importantly, our client. This service is included in our base architectural fee and is an invaluable service.


Mission Statement:
Reintroduce art in architecture,
Function in all workplaces,
Client control of architectural style, and last but not least,
Eliminate unnecessary client anxiety.
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   Featured Design

Recently we were doubly honored with the privilege of designing Village Family Dental, a state-of-the-art, dental facility in Frank Lloyd Wright’s hometown of Spring Green, Wisconsin. With a naturally lit central atrium, this unique facility is both energy conscious and energizes it’s occupants.


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